About Globe Productions

Georgetown Globe Productions is a not-for-profit musical theatre group whose members live in Halton Hills and the surrounding areas. For more than 30 years Globe has been providing local audiences with top-notch musical theatre. Throughout its history Georgetown Globe Productions has drawn from the Halton Hills community a wide array of talent that is manifest both onstage and off. Our members come from all walks of life and encompass all ages. Over 300 volunteers are involved on a yearly basis including 100 youth and their families.

Georgetown Globe Productions was originally started in 1964, the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth, hence the name Globe. Some original members of that group are still with us today – Maureen and Chris Walker, Vera Macdonald, Edna Ferguson and Edna Turnbull.

Rehearsals took place in various locations – old warehouses, gas stations etc. Scenery was made and painted in an old barn in Glen Williams and paint brushes were washed by breaking the ice in the Credit River to get a bucket of water.

The group went into abeyance in 1968. However, when the John Elliott Theatre was built in Georgetown in 1981 we were off and running again!

We have produced 92 shows since that time and garnered more than 60 awards for our production and performance achievements. Each season Globe performs 2 to 3 musicals encompassing both traditional and contemporary material. The experience of being part of Globe is both an educational one and a lively social outlet. Over the years a number of members have gone to a career in professional theatre.

Globe identified that in our growing community there is a need to provide an avenue for growth and mentorship for up and coming talent who will inherit our legacy of quality productions. As such, we are dedicated to produce one main stage Youth Company Show each season and to run an educational workshop series covering all aspects of being involved in musical theatre.

In addition to bringing quality musical theatre to the Town of Halton Hills, Globe is an active community supporter including participating in numerous community events, renting and sharing our costume, property and set resources, and contributing our skills and expertise to the broader community.