Join Globe Productions!

Join Us! Why not come and join in the fun? Whether you're interested in being on stage as an actor, singer, dancer (or all three!), working backstage during the show, making props, playing in the band, swinging a hammer or painting sets....Globe wants you!

Come and discover a hobby that can turn into a family affair. All ages are welcome. We have moms, dads, grandparents, young adults and kids all sharing in the fun of creating, performing, helping each other and making friends for life. Take the plunge. You won't be sorry!


Globe is run solely with the support and commitment of volunteers and we’re always looking for people who want to have a good time while helping put together some high quality community theatre. If you have a talent for or an interest in learning any of the following:

  • Sewing
  • Set Building
  • Publicity / Marketing
  • Front of House (ushering)
  • Hair & Make-up
  • Props (collecting & making)
  • Stage Managing
  • Producing
  • And the list goes on!!

Become a Member

Membership entitles you to:

  • Perform on stage
  • Vote at general meetings
  • Be eligible for Board election
  • Get 24 hours advance notice by email before general publication of all Globe news and announcements – (audition notices, camp registrations, FOH participation, workshops, social events)
  • Be eligible for no fee costume rentals (one-time only, personal use rentals)
  • Receive a discounted rate on qualifying Old Armoury rentals

To become a member please fill out the membership form below and pay the membership fee - $40 online.

Early Bird Membership Perks!

Fill out the Membership Registration form below before September 1st  and get:

  • One free ticket [voucher] to opening night for 1 of Globe’s 3 regular season productions

Member Registration

We respect the privacy of our Members and are committed to protecting it. Georgetown Globe Productions (Globe) has a Privacy Policy that explains our practices regarding the collection of Members’ information. Globe does not share, sell, rent or trade private Member Information. For more details and to inquire about your information please contact the Privacy Officers at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

A copy of the Privacy Policy is available upon request, or by visiting our website at

Please note: Membership period runs from July to June and must be renewed each year.

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Adult members (cast) are committed to volunteering a min. of 5 hours on production support for their show. This may include help with set painting, props, publicity, costumes etc.

I authorize that the information contained on this form may be released to other members of the organization.

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I hereby irrevocably consent to and authorize Georgetown Globe Productions Inc. (Globe)to capture photographs/video and grant full ownership and permission in perpetuity the use of photographic portraits of myself and/or the following family members, or to use portraits or pictures in which I or the following family members may be included, in illustration, advertising and publicity material on behalf of Globe Productions. This consent and authorization includes permission for Globe to copy, license, exhibit, re-use and re-publish photographic portraits or pictures and to use any medium including but not limited to film, internet, CD-ROM, electronic and/or other future format(s). I understand that Globe is not obligated to use such materials and they will not be provided or returned to me.
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I hereby release and forever discharge Georgetown Globe Productions Inc. (Globe) from all liability, whether direct or indirect, and hereby waive all claims, demands, actions and causes of action which I have or may have against Globe Productions with respect to, or arising from the use by Globe of portraits or pictures of myself and/or members of my family as identified above. I agree to and accept the possibility of flaws, distortions, and inaccuracies in the reproduction of the image(s) of myself and/or the members of my family for whatever reason.

I further acknowledge that, and consent to the use by Globe of portraits or pictures of myself and/or the members of my family identified above shall be without restriction as to the making of changes or alterations by Globe.

I hereby waive, release and indemnify Georgetown Globe Productions Inc. (Globe) and their related organizations, and respective officers, directors, agents, employees and any volunteers without limitation from and against any actions, causes of action, suits, claims and demands whatsoever which I may have for or by reason of, or in any way arising out of any damages, losses or injuries that may result from my participation as a Globe performer, participant, volunteer. I hereby agree that I will not make any claim or demand or commence or threaten to commence any action or proceeding, or make any claim against the agents of Globe in connection with any damages, losses or injuries that may result from my participation in the activities or events organized in connection with Globe Productions Inc.

In cases where parental signature is given for a child, I guarantee I am the parent/legal guardian of the aforementioned child/children and I hereby indemnify Globe from and against any such claims which may be made against Globe Productions by any third party. I have read, understand and accept these terms and conditions.

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