Brynn Swenarchuk

01 Brynn Swenarchuk

Willy Wonka

Brynn is overjoyed and would like to thank the artistic team for allowing her to be a part of this world of pure imagination! Brynn has had a passion for performing since she was a little girl in Winnipeg.

After moving to Acton when she was 5, Brynn pursued this passion through piano, voice, and dance lessons, and the Georgetown Children’s Chorus. She has enjoyed roles in BMT’s production of Mary Poppins and Globe Productions’ Aladdin Jr., The Wizard of Oz, and last year, she was Sebastian in The Little Mermaid Jr. In 2015.

Brynn received her school’s “Music Award” for her enthusiasm and participation in choir, dance and performing in lead roles in 2 school productions. This year, she was selected to be part of the competitive dance group at Center Stage.

Since October, she has sung the national anthem for The Crimson Tide football team, the Hockey Heroes cancer benefit, the Halton Fire Fighters recognition night, and the opening of the new arena in Acton. Brynn would like to thank her past directors, teachers, and coaches for fuelling her love of music and introducing her to musical theatre.