SHOP Globe Spirit Wear

Whether you are a proud cast member of Shrek Jr. or a fan and supporter of Globe, you can now choose either logo. The Shrek Jr. logo is available for a limited time. You can now shop on-line at your convenience from a wide variety of clothing options and accessories. Purchases are made directly through the website (no more collecting cash) and shipped directly to your home. You can place multiple orders and can purchase items right up until show time!


How can I find the e-shop? >>

How much is shipping?
Shipping is free with minimum order of $50. However, we can arrange for a pickup up in which case you do not pay for shipping. Talk to your producer regarding details.

I see different logos available, which should I choose?
That’s entirely up to you! Both the current show Shrek Jr and the Globe logo are available. The Shrek logo will only be offered for a limited time.

Is Globe making any money from this?
One of the reasons we chose to partner with Entripy was their commitment to the community. As part of their Royalty Revenue Program, Globe will receive 10% of net sales as we are a not for profit organization.

Are items still embroidered and personalized?
Most products offer the option of embroidery and/or digital screen printing. Options may be limited depending on the fabric/style of the product. There are also various options to personalize your item(s).

Can I order more than once?
Of course! The e-shop is open 27/7 and you may visit and order as often as you wish. Please note, the introductory discount applies to your first purchase only.

Are items more expensive?
We made an exhaustive cost comparison to ensure our members received a fair deal. Product prices are comparable or in may cases lower than our previous program. There is also a much wider selection of product, styles and sizes available.

I received the email twice, does that mean I get to use the discount code twice?
The discount code applies to your initial purchase only. Members may receive communications/announcements more than once to ensure we connect with all active members.

How long until I get my order?
Your order is processed immediately (we do not have to wait for minimum orders). Expected delivery time is 7-10 days directly to your home.